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A Caring Approach to Recreational Products and Alternative Wellness For The Heartland


Alternative Wellness

A myriad of options for wellness products & knowledgeable staff members which make taking the natural approach to wellness an easier path than ever before!

Smoking & Vaping Supplies

Sustaining everything from old school pipes to the latest in vaping technologies.

Incense & Aromatherapy

Supplying dozens of Incense Scents, Incense Holders, Sage, and Palo Santo!


Our current Store Owner began as a Retail Clerk just after the inception of our East Peoria location during the music store days in 1992. He discovered his passion for small business operations while tirelessly dedicating himself fully to excellent products and customer connections and eventually purchased the shop. His years of fierce work ethic and loyalty to the community serve as a guidepost to current staff for how business should be conducted and how customers should be treated. Since then, he has opened an additional Co-Op Shop location in 2016 with those same beliefs.

While the products have changed, that caring approach to customer service remains the same.

…You can always count on The Co-Op Shop being to bring the best selection of Alternative Wellness needs, Smoking and Vaping Supplies, Incense and Aromatherapy and a caring and attentive staff to help you make your selection.

And of course, there is so much more! Stop by sometime, and see for yourself!